Future Life Progression in Lancashire

Have you ever wondered what the future will hold for you? With Future Life Progression you can find out for yourself. 

Future Life Progression is an exciting and brand new therapy. 

Similar in some ways  to Past Life Regression you can actually  discover your own future, cutting out the need for expensive Psychics and fortune tellers.

Discover Your Future

Future Life Progression Hypnosis

Everyone wishes they had hindsight.  With Future Life Progression you have. I can take you five and Ten years into the future to discover if you are on the right path.

Then I can take you to an alternate future so that you can ask your future self what changes you need to make now in order to bring about your own best possible future. You can tap into your own future knowledge.  Which paths will be dead ends and time wasters? What changes in my life do I need to make? 

You will make the right moves and know exactly what to avoid.  You can find out about virtually any area in you life including your career, love life, family, home, business, health etc., Imagine if you're faced with an important decision and don't know what path to take FLP is the ideal solution.

Visit Your Life in 5 Years, 10 Years & Far Distant Future

Then if you wish you can visit your far distant future self and bring back any wisdom from the future into the present moment.  Future Life Progression is popular with Celebrities. The Corporate world. Musicians. Universities and many more businesses.

There are a variety of different FLP sessions that can be looked at.  Past Present and Future is a session designed to give you an overview of your current life. Enabling you to see the bigger picture. 

Everyone has talents the problem is that people have no idea what they are. With FLP we can find out what their latent abilities are. 

Trained under Anne Jirsch the worlds leading expert in Future Life Progression. 

I am the only Advanced Future Life Practitoner in the Lancashire area and offer Future Life Progression in Blackpool, Lytham St Annes, the Fylde coast, Preston, Lancaster and throughout the North West.

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